Wedding Packages

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if on your special day, your love story could be told through the beauty and motion of dance with your very own special love song?

Universal Dance Studio can take you on an exciting journey allowing you to express your emotions and love for each other each step of the way by creating an original choreography that will flow like poetry in motion and be a true expression of your future together as a couple.

Both you and your guests will share in this special moment and remember it for many years to come.

Regular private lesson $85 + taxes for an hour with no package.

1 Hour Per Week
$70 + taxes
10H = $700 + taxes

15H = $1050 + taxes

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2 Hours Per Week
$65 + taxes
10H = $650 + taxes

15H = $975 + taxes

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2 x 1h30 per week
$60 + taxes
12H = $720 + taxes

18H = $1080 + taxes

24H = $1440 + taxes
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